Hľadám Financie

Ako Mama from Dvojičiek sa I have to hail. I'm getting to one dieya and none of our Úradníkov do not occupy me that I have two Synov. In order to get to the little sume, Ktorú I have a pridelenú, she found the job from the house to have some kind of financie raise. Do not let the husband. It's a simple reality.
The children must take care
Last night, at our visit to one Susedka, Masterminds has a little boy about pol year Mladšie. She needed some stuff for the little one, so Som Ju invited for a coffee, let her choose, he would have been paired. This is where the Starshie Dievčatko and the current Rieshi will go to škôlky. On the outskirts of the city where you are, NIE is only a lot of options. The important will be to Vôbec Mali Miesto. It's going to take us to the next year and I have to make sure I have a little concern to let us dve miesta. I want you to hurt the boys together. Dúfam that the budú good to know Odlúčenie from mom. The PREDSA Len we are accustomed to the habit of every deň, flax I occasionally jump into the shop or to the post office. I mean, the plan for a while with grandma, and so SA ponáhľam, that's why he didn't make it too much. The PREDSA Len has some more.