The initial skepticis has given up enthusiasm

To be honest, at first I was somewhat skeptical about marijuana seeds. Although I never smoked myself, and no weed at all, classmates at high school and college had the greatest enthusiasm. Illegal entertainment was absent at any party. That's why when my best friend, a few years later, was excited to announce that she had bought cannabis seeds, I initially looked at her through my fingers until she explained to me that it was a technical hemp that can be processed into medicinal ointments and in many other ways. I was excited about its healing effects. It is a pity that most people are only associated with the drug.
I was delighted to join
After reading a few articles I ordered myself, planted and waited with tension, how the grown plants would look. It didn't take long, I could reap, and that day I held in my hand a bottle of the first home-made shampoo.

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